Airbnb recently released their New Hosts Earning Report documenting how their platform has been a social safety net for people affected by pandemic. We are glad to be part of an industry that allows families to monetize their rooms, boats, and homes to support themselves through troubled times. Much like Airbnb and other OTAs, we have seen a lot of first-time users come to us during the pandemic to help with their financial security.

While it’s great that Airbnb hosts have earned $1 billion during the pandemic, it could have been much more. Had all of those first-time users been using Beyond’s dynamic pricing tool, the total could have been closer to $1.38 billion.

We took a look at those Airbnb first-time users who were using our tool, and they made, on average, 38% more revenue than their Beyond-less counterparts.

With the right tools, first-timers in the short-term rental industry can have above market performance from day one. Also, this added revenue doesn’t just pad P+L statements for large companies; it also extends social safety nets and helps pay for necessities.


Reservation per Listing

Revenue per Listings

# of Nights per Listing

Average ADR

Non BP Listings





BP Listings










Single Airbnb listings in US (1-4 bedrooms), booked and checkin between 3/11/2020 - 01/25-2021

Source: Beyond Pricing

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