Airbnb has become incredibly popular over the last several years. Millions of people post their listings there, from a spare bedroom to a luxury villa.

The challenge, however, is that competition for customers is fierce. How do you make your listing stand out from the competition? The best way to do that is to not only have great written content, but to also have amazing pictures!

Here are 7 tips to make sure your listing is “Instagrammable” and stands out against the rest!

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1. Professional Photos Are a Must!

First things first—if you’re not awesome behind the camera and aren’t sure if you can produce top quality pictures, you have to invest in a professional photographer.

No matter how well you decorate or do anything else, if the quality of your photos don’t measure up, people will skip right by your listing.

2. Coordinate with a Theme!

No matter where your place is located, try to coordinate with a theme. This is easier if your place is near the beach, for example, or a cabin in the mountains.

But what if it’s an apartment in a city, or the loft above the garage out back? Themes don’t have to be location-specific. They can revolve around things like music, art, or movies.

3. Add Bold Colors!

Nothing pops more in a photograph than a bright splash of a bold color against a muted background of soft colors. Think of strong colors like orange, pink, or yellow to really draw the person’s eyes to your listing.

And, of course, make sure that the colors you choose align with the theme you’ve chosen!

4. Incorporate Plants and Flowers!

Show your potential guest that your place is full of life with plants and flowers!

A kitchen counter with a beautiful bouquet of flowers really stands out in pictures. Low maintenance plants like bamboo and money trees are easy to care for and look great as well.

5. “Hotel Items" Add Class!

Try to incorporate little perks that show your guests you’ve thought of the little things that make their stay even more special.

A luggage rack at the foot of the bed, for example, or an easy-to-use coffee machine and electric tea kettle are great touches to include in the pictures of your listing.

6. Vintage and Quirky Works!

Don’t be afraid to showcase what makes you a unique and interesting host! An Amish rocking chair, a vinyl record player, or a display case with old baseball cards are just some examples of things you’ve either had with you your whole life or you picked up during one of your travels.

Vintage and unique pieces really pop in photos and do a wonderful job of expressing who you are and what your place is like. Just make sure that it fits with the theme you’ve chosen!

7. Welcome Table/Wall!

Having a prominent table with a wall display welcoming your guests is a great photo to showcase! The table can include a guest sign-in book, a booklet with house rules and information (Wifi password, how to set the thermostat, etc.), and your recommendations for great places to eat and drink nearby!

For an extra touch - include a small bowl with chocolate so your guests can indulge in something sweet as soon as they arrive!

Want a fun, downloadable PDF version of these tips? Download it here!