COO Julie Brinkman will step into CEO role, Kelso to become CTO and Chairman

When we started Beyond more than seven years ago, we couldn’t have imagined the amazing community of property owners and managers that we would engage with around the globe. We also couldn’t have predicted the events of the last year, which put our business and the community we serve to the test, forcing us to look at our company and its possibilities in new ways. Now that we are exiting from the worst of the pandemic, we are looking to the future and moving back towards growth.

Like many startups, we have seen 3 phases of growth - product, go-to-market, and operational. We have built a world-class suite of products, we have gotten those products in the hands of the people that need them, and now we need a leader who can help grow Beyond with operational efficiency and rigor.

That's why I'm excited to announce we are promoting Julie Brinkman to CEO of Beyond. She is the right leader at the right time for this company.

Julie joined Beyond as Chief Operating Officer early 2020, just weeks before the Covid lockdowns started. She was thrown into the deep end in what was one of the most challenging times for the company, and for our industry as a whole. Yet she has shown an amazing ability to deliver results, even under the most difficult of circumstances. She has the acumen, poise, and vision to lead our team into the next phase of growth. She’s already taken the lead on so many aspects of the company; now the title is simply catching up to the work she’s already been doing.

As for me, I will be moving back into the Chief Technology Officer role and taking the responsibilities of Chairman. This position allows me to focus on what I’m passionate about - product improvement and innovation. I am excited to roll up my sleeves and work with the team to continue creating solutions that improve the lives of the tens of thousands of customers we are proud to serve.

I hope you will join me in welcoming our new CEO, Julie Brinkman. I can’t wait to see where we go together.