Here at Beyond, we take pride in all of the countries where our employees and clients operate, and we enjoy celebrating the holidays that matter the most to our colleagues, friends, and families.

That’s why we will again be observing Juneteenth this year and take a day away from our computers to celebrate and reflect. On June 19, 1865, General Order No.3 reached Galveston, Texas, a full two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation, due to a lack of Union troops in Texas who could enforce the change. While Juneteenth was celebrated and recognized as a public holiday in many states, it had yet to be recognized at the Federal level.

That changed this week, with the United States Senate having just passed a bill to recognize Juneteenth as a public holiday. The bill is expected to clear the House of Representatives and be signed into Federal law by President Joe Biden. We are heartened and hopeful to finally see national recognition of such a momentous event in US history.

Source: Beyond Data

We hope you take time to reflect on this holiday this Saturday, June 19th, and join the thousands of celebrations happening around the country. Cities small and large are celebrating and your local community is a great resource to learn more. In case you are data driven like us, the chart above shows occupancy for Juneteenth weekend versus June on average for the cities having the largest celebrations.

While Atlanta, Charleston, Denver, Memphis as well as others all see additional demand, the most is in the North Texas Gulf Coast Market, which includes Galveston, where Juneteenth originated .

An additional note on the artwork for this blog - we have an incredibly talented team of creative designers at Beyond who consistently produce amazing artwork for our blogs, articles, website, and collateral.

For this post, however, we tapped into the additional talent we have on staff. We are delighted and proud to showcase the art of Lauren Jackson, a Customer Support Specialist at Beyond. Thank you Lauren for the amazing piece of work!

For more information on Juneteenth please visit here.