Zeevou is an award-winning Property Management System and Channel Manager that automates hospitality management -- from marketing, to bookings, to operations. Their online platform is easy-to-use, optimises processes, and minimises human error. Here at Beyond Pricing, we are excited to partner with Zeevou to provide their customers with dynamic pricing.

Hamid Vosooghfar, Chief Evangelist, Zeevou said of the partnership:

"We're so excited about our partnership with Beyond Pricing as they are very trustworthy and proficient in what they do when it comes to dynamic pricing. We're always seeking to bring about the highest level of automation for our Partner Hosts, and Zeevou's integration with Beyond Pricing allows it."

Na'ím Anís Paymán, Chief Revolutionary, Zeevou said:

"We are thrilled that Beyond Pricing have integrated with Zeevou. This integration allows all Beyond Pricing customers to get a free SEO-friendly direct booking website and to distribute their rates to Zeevou Direct. Zeevou can distribute the dynamic pricing in real time to over 200 channels and will continue to push the frontiers of what is currently offered on the market."

Kam Bain, Director of Strategy, Beyond Pricing said:

“As we continue to invest resources into EMEA expansion, we’re thrilled to partner with Zeevou, the Shortyz 2020 winner of Best Channel Manager. As a full service PMS and channel manager, Zeevou prides themselves on a futuristic vision of what hospitality management should be, which is exemplified by this partnership.”

Connecting your Zeevou account to Beyond Pricing is easy and only requires a few steps. Check out more information here.

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About Zeevou

Zeevou is an easy-to-use online platform that automates hospitality management – from marketing, to bookings, to operations. It allows you to replace your traditional channel manager and property management system with one unified hub.

About Beyond Pricing

Beyond Pricing is the world's first revenue management and dynamic pricing software for vacation rentals. Driven by big-data machine learning and predictive analytics, Beyond Pricing has priced billions of dollars in bookings, operates in thousands of markets worldwide, and is integrated with all the major OTAs and property management software systems.