Black Lives Matter. Institutional racism has disadvantaged Black people for hundreds of years, and we believe it is time for true equality. Dismantling centuries of structural inequity will not be easy, but we all have a role to play. We believe actions made by individuals and companies can collectively create widespread positive change.

At Beyond Pricing, we have a set of Core Values - and these values depict who we are and how we behave toward each other and our customers. We strive to uphold these values in all of our work, and we acknowledge that we can and will do more to live up to them every day both internally and externally at Beyond Pricing.

We care

We care about Black lives. We care about ending systemic racism in the United States and around the world. We care about solving difficult problems. We believe that it is the responsibility of each and every person at Beyond Pricing to foster a sense of belonging, inside and outside of the company.

We have committed to creating social responsibility and employee resource groups aimed at driving understanding and action toward racial equality. This includes programs that foster deeper understanding of African American history, promote active allyship, and recognize and combat white privilege.

We’re the experts

We pride ourselves on being the experts on pricing, but we acknowledge that we are not the experts when it comes to combating systemic racism and injustice. We believe that we should all strive to become experts by listening, learning, and reflecting: on the roles we play in upholding an unjust system, and on the actions we can take to be a part of the solution.

We have committed to providing training in diversity, inclusion, unconscious bias training, managing diverse teams, and active allyship for all Beyond Pricing employees.

We help

We hope that by adding our voice we help people understand the importance of the times we find ourselves in now, and help direct them towards change. As we commit to working toward a more just world, we look to help by contributing to the conversation, as well as financially to organizations doing the work.

We have committed to an employee-match program to financially support organizations making a difference, including those fighting racial injustice.

We’re on the same team

The time for action was ideally a long time ago, but we want to let Black members of the short term rental industry know that we stand with them. We are examining the composition of our own team and admit that, as it currently stands, it falls short.

As part of implementing change internally, we have committed to intentional hiring practices as well as sharing our job opportunities more broadly, with the goal of having a fully equitable, representative workforce, across race, gender, and ethnicity, in the next three (3) years.

We inspire trust

The short term rental industry is centered around trust. Trust placed in guests to take care of homes; trust placed in property managers to love a home as much as an owner does; and trust placed in us to set prices. We need to ensure that the Black community has access to the same level of trust. And, while we are bound to make mistakes and have shortcomings, trust that we are dedicated to doing the right thing, and that complicity through inaction is over.

We want you to trust that we are self-reflecting and working to do better. We have committed to educating ourselves and those around us. We have found the resources listed here to be a great starting point.

We will become active advocates for the Black community and for systemic change, rather than passive bystanders. We will have a zero tolerance policy regarding racism and/or hate speech from members of our team and from those with whom we do business.

We encourage you to examine your own practices and identify areas where you can shift your behavior. We as a society can all do more. Thank you for taking this journey with us.

- The Beyond Pricing Team