How should you think about Accessibility in analyzing your booking pace and results? Before lowering your prices as the booking window steadily closes, make sure technical difficulties aren’t holding back your booking flow by checking your listing’s online accessibility and reservation process.

🔊Stop Before You Drop (Your Prices)

This two-minute checkup could technically save your booking day.

It’s a story many property managers know well. You or your homeowner are feeling nervous about a listing’s performance. Dates you expected to be rented by now are still vacant. Insights from your data (and maybe your gut instincts, too) clearly favor lowering rates to secure those target dates. You make a price adjustment that by all accounts should do the trick. But as the booking window steadily closes, the dates are still vacant. Though you’re already very competitively priced, you are seriously and painfully considering another reduction. The urgency is growing, and time is running out.

Before you lower your prices, especially in a situation like this, take a few minutes to make sure technical difficulties aren’t holding back your booking flow. Here’s a quick and easy way to check your listing’s online accessibility and reservation process:


Short term rentals are one of the most complex purchases a person can make online. Rules for rates, fees, taxes, stay length, and check-in days can vary greatly. Online booking engines work efficiently to navigate these layers of settings and allow guests to easily find and book your listing. But no matter how sophisticated the setup, there will always be a margin for human error. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details.

Here at Beyond Pricing, we know your listings need to win bookings for you to be successful. We help our clients use dynamic and competitive pricing strategies to gain occupancy and grow their overall revenue. Now, there are even more ways we make life less complicated for our property managers. For example, did you know Relay can sync pricing and availability across multiple channels? Dreaming of direct bookings and less reliance on OTAs? Check out Signal, our direct booking engine and website builder, and launch your own high-performing website with no upfront costs.

Angeline Taylor

Angeline Taylor

Since 2011, I have been passionate about helping vacation rental providers fine tune their strategies to produce healthy returns. I love helping people pursue happiness through the joy of vacation.

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