We've had this request from a number of users and we’re excited to announce that we have introduced the option for all Beyond Pricing users to adjust their manual overrides by day.

Our price recommendations are based on real-time data and are updated daily to keep pace with ever-changing demand. But we give all users the option to manually override our suggested pricing if they wish.

Users have always had the option to manually override a series of days, but they all had to be updated to the same price:

Let's say you want to decrease the price of all Monday nights in April to $100 for your listing. You can now easily make bulk adjustments by selecting all the dates in the month, unchecking the boxes for the other days in the week and inputting your desired price.

It will also display the Average Daily Rate for the days you are overriding to help you understand the impact your changes are making have on potential revenue.

Removing bulk manual overrides is easy, simply select the month and click "Cancel".

Want to remove the manual override for just one of the Mondays? Simply select that date and click "Cancel".

Please keep in mind that if you manually override the pricing for a day it will remain the price you set and won’t change based on demand we see in the market or be discounted for last minute bookings.

For more information on using Manual Overrides please check out the following the article in our Support Center: How do I manually override prices?