To our friends and partners in Western Europe-

We originally established the COVID-19 Discount in March when the short term stays industry was feeling the worst of the pandemic. It was designed as a way to boost short term revenue to alleviate the strain our partners were feeling as they coped with the fallout. As things have improved over the past few months, the discount was relaxed and finally lifted in almost all markets.

Our revenue management and data science teams have continued to monitor the pandemic’s impact on supply and demand. Unfortunately the recent swift uptick in COVID-19 cases in Europe, as well as diminished booking paces and overall occupancy, have confirmed that COVID-19 is once again becoming an undeniable monumental threat in Europe.

We are reinstating the Covid Discount for all of Western Europe from today until at least 15 November 2020.

The goal of reinstating the COVID-19 Discount is to increase short term revenue at a time when our industry desperately needs it. We seek to automatically adjust rates during these unprecedented times when property managers and owners are dealing with a host of other growing operational priorities in addition to rates.

If you would like more information on the trends in your area, we have made available up-to-date local data on the majority of popular destinations. Additionally, to learn more about the COVID-19 Discount please see our original release or reach out to your Account Manager or Beyond Pricing Support.

We will continue to update and share with you as these trends continue, and as always we urge anyone affected to connect with us in case our insights or experts can help you during this uncertain time.