The week after Thanksgiving is always one of struggle. Struggle to get back to work, to fit into your jeans, and most importantly to find the perfect Christmas gifts, or in the case of those who are over 2020 and need a vacation, the perfect short term stay.

While Thanksgiving all across the US was celebrated a bit differently this year, the one thing that didn’t change was Property Managers running a variety of Cyber Monday deals to attract guests who are beginning to open their wallets this holiday season. We took a look at which medium and large US markets received the highest amount of new reservations per listing over Cyber Monday weekend to see where people are looking for deals...

Peak Season ADRs
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Joshua Tree and Big Bear lead the way with guests fleeing from locked-down LA, while rural mountain regions like the Smoky and Georgia Mountains also rank near the top. Surprisingly, a few cities make the top 25 highest booking pace for Cyber Monday with Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and Atlanta making an appearance.

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