As our list of clients grows, so too does the Beyond Pricing team! That’s where Darci and Brandon come in - Darci joins us as our Recruiter and Brandon as a Customer Success Manager.


Born and raised in California, Darci worked in the hospitality industry while completing her degree in Psychology. She believes that both of these experiences were great training grounds to prepare her for high tech recruiting. She has successfully hired everything from C-Level Executives, Engineers, Sales Associates, Product Managers, Data Analysts, Marketers and more for over six years for both small and medium-sized computer software companies, locally and abroad.

When she isn't busy building and scaling teams, you will find her traveling, gardening, and preparing for the arrival of her first child in June.

On why she joined Beyond Pricing:

I saw a tremendous product-market fit with Beyond Pricing, a company that's truly paving the way for dynamic pricing in the vacation rental industry. Personally, I was excited to be presented with a unique opportunity to come in as their first in-house recruiter and help build a growing team with a strong team culture from the ground up. This is a fabulous team that gets better with every single person who comes onboard!


Brandon joins the team from Chattanooga, Tennessee where he currently lives with his wife, dog, and eight month old baby boy. Before joining Beyond Pricing, he spent five years as an SEO & Strategic Account Manager at Bluetent, a well known name in the vacation rental industry.

During that time he worked with a variety of Property Managers on many aspects of their businesses, including planning and launching new websites, search engine and conversion rate optimization, content strategy, branding, email marketing, and more. Brandon loves digging into data, answering tough questions, and striving to be an invaluable extension of his client’s team.

When he isn’t behind a laptop, Brandon enjoys hunting down a good happy hour, taking the dog for a swim, playing guitar, and snowboarding whenever possible.

On why he joined Beyond Pricing:

Over the years, I’ve worked closely with a number of Property Managers with varying degrees of sophistication in their businesses. As the industry has continued to evolve, it demands that Property Managers adapt and invest to keep up with ever-changing guest and owner expectations.

Over the past couple years, dynamic pricing has been a hot topic with the most forward-thinking companies beginning to make the shift from their old pricing models. You can feel the excitement around dynamic pricing for vacation rentals and the wave of adoption we are seeing. Beyond Pricing created an awesome tool that’s helping Property Managers with one of the most challenging pieces of their business. I’m excited to join the Beyond Pricing team and bring my experience working closely with clients to help them leverage technology and data to drive sustained growth and success.

We are always looking for talented people to join our team! Find out more about working with us at Beyond Pricing.