We are excited to announce that users with a direct Airbnb connection now have the option of managing Annual and Seasonal Minimum Stays, with the additional functionality of automatic Gap Fills, directly in Beyond Pricing.

Hosts set up Minimum Stays for a variety of reasons, but can all agree on one thing: having the flexibility to automatically reduce a Minimum Stay setting in circumstances when you would otherwise go unbooked is incredibly powerful. Currently, most platforms offer limited options or automation here, and that’s why we’re stepping in.

Managing Minimum Stays in Beyond Pricing can help you make more money

Our goal is to help you maximize your revenue. By setting Minimum Stays directly in Beyond Pricing, you have the option of enabling Gap Fills, which ensure your listing is always bookable so you can capitalize on every opportunity to make more money.

How do Gap Fills work? When the gap between two bookings or blocks is shorter than your Minimum Stay setting, Gap Fills automatically reduce your Minimum Stay to the length of the gap so that those dates remain bookable.

For example, if you have your Minimum Stay set to seven nights and there is a five night gap between two bookings or blocks, we will automatically reduce the Minimum Stay for those dates to five nights to make it bookable. And it’s as easy as ticking a checkbox -- no more tedious monitoring!

How do I enable Minimum Stays for my listings in Beyond Pricing?

Managing Minimum Stay settings for your Airbnb listing in Beyond Pricing is as easy as clicking a button (literally). Head to the Customize Page for one of your listings. Expand the Minimum Stays section and confirm you would like to manage Minimum Stays via Beyond Pricing.

Once you click “Submit”, we will automatically update your Minimum Stay settings across all your listings with the settings currently active in Airbnb. Ta da!

A few things to note:

  1. Once you have enabled Minimum Stays in Beyond Pricing, any and all adjustments you make to Minimum Stays should be done in Beyond Pricing.
  2. If you have multiple Airbnb accounts connected, you will need to enable Minimum Stays for one listing in each of your accounts to activate Minimum Stays for all of your listings in Beyond Pricing.

From here, we recommend making adjustments if applicable and enabling Gap Fills for your listing.

To learn more about Minimum Stays and Gap Fills, check out What are Annual/Seasonal Minimum Stays and Gap Fills, and how do I use them?

If you connect Beyond Pricing through HomeAway/VRBO or various PMSs, you will already manage Minimum Stays in Beyond Pricing. For information on customizations available with your platform, check here.

We’re excited to grow with you!

Have questions? As always, please reach out to our dedicated Support team at support@beyondpricing.com. We’re here to help!