We’re excited to introduce a new feature - Bulk Actions! In a nutshell, Bulk Actions enable you to update settings, including Base Prices, Minimum Prices, Seasonal Minimum Stays and Manual Overrides by percentage, in bulk, right in the Beyond Pricing Dashboard.

We know you are busy, and it can become time consuming updating your listings one at a time. So we have introduced Bulk Actions to help streamline some of these processes.

An email summary of the updates you made will be sent to you and all users that can edit the listings you have updated. You can view new settings in each individual listing page, too. For example, a new Seasonal Minimum Stay will appear in the Customize tab, nestled with existing Seasonal Minimum Stay settings, if any.

Did you know? As well as using Bulk Actions to set Seasonal Minimum Stays and Manual Overrides you can also use it to clear these settings in bulk.

Check out this page in our Support Center to learn more about Bulk Actions. For more information on the specifics you can now do in bulk, read on!

Base Price Adjustments

The Base Price is the starting point for our price fluctuations. It is essentially a culmination of everything unique about your listing, For this reason, updating your Base Prices in bulk to be the same price usually isn't a good idea. Where the bulk updating of Base Prices becomes particularly useful is when used in conjunction with your Health Score. If your Health Scores are on the low side because your properties are underbooked, this is indicating that your pricing may be too high across the board for those listings. Here you could use Bulk Actions to decrease the Base Price by 5-10% for these listings. Alternatively, if your Health Scores are low because your properties are overbooked, you could use Bulk Actions to increase your pricing by 5-10%.

Here's an example of decreasing my Base Prices by 10% for my listings that have a low Health Score because they are underbooked in bulk in action:

To learn more about your Base Price check out What is my Base Price and when should I change it? in our Support Center.

Minimum Price Adjustments

Your Minimum Price is the lowest rate you'd be willing to accept for a night. This is completely up to you. We recommend setting it as low as you feel comfortable. In the latest update to the Dashboard we surfaced the number of nights in the next 90 days where we are hitting your Minimum Price. If your Minimum Price is too high, it can prevent our pricing from fluctuating low enough to capture bookings during periods of low demand. In this scenario, you could use Bulk Actions to lower your Minimum Price for listings where we are hitting your current Minimum.

Here's an example of reducing the Minimum Price for my listings hitting the minimum in the next 90 days:

Learn more about best practices for setting your Minimum Price here.

Don't forget, this is to adjust your Annual Minimum Price. If you want to make adjustments to your Seasonal Minimum Price, head to the Customize Tab for your individual listing. Stay tuned for a way to update these in bulk coming soon!

Minimum Stay Adjustments

If you manage your Minimum Stay settings in Beyond Pricing you can now adjust Annual and Seasonal Minimum Stays, Gap Fills and Orphan Minimum Night Stays and Buffers in bulk. This might come in handy if you have an annual Minimum Stay of two nights and you want to set a Seasonal Minimum Night Stay of three nights for Labor Day weekend for your properties, for example. Or if you want to set your Annual Minimum Stay to three nights and enable Gap Fills for all your listings, because in general you try to avoid one or two night stays, but would be willing to accept shorter bookings if those dates would otherwise go unbooked.

Here's an example of setting the Labor Day Seasonal Minimum of three nights in bulk in action:

To learn more about when to use Annual and Seasonal Minimum Stays, Gap Fills and Orphan Minimum Night Stays and Buffers check out our Support Center.

Manual Overrides

It's easy to customize prices for specific days right on your Beyond Pricing Calendar. But now with Bulk Actions you can manually override pricing for multiple listings at once and set your nightly rate to a specific price or adjust the current pricing by a percentage.

For example, maybe you'd like to decrease rates by 20% for the first week in April. You don't have bookings for this timeframe yet, and would like to try to get at least one booking in the next week. Or maybe there is a big event happening in six months time and your properties are in a prime location and you want to try and book them at a premium. In both scenarios you can then check back as the date of stay approaches to see how your listings are performing and remove the manual overrides as needed.

Here's an example of decreasing rates by 20% in bulk in action:

Please note that this means prices will no longer fluctuate due to changes in demand or according to Last Minute Discounts.Learn more about when to use Manual Overrides here.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@beyondpricing.com with any questions about how to use Bulk Actions!