We’re excited to announce a new feature: Calendar Actions! You can now set Seasonal Minimum Stays and manually override rates by percentage in the Calendar view.

We heard that you wanted more flexibility where you spend a lot of time – the Calendar. And we’re with you. In the Calendar view, you can easily familiarize yourself with upcoming bookings, blocks, and predicted prices all in one place. Together, this information can help you get a general sense of the listing’s overall health and in turn make informed decisions around adjustments.  

With Calendar Actions, you can now easily adjust these settings on the fly based on gaps you see in your Calendar, set up Minimum Stays for certain days of the week through the year, and more.

How do I use it?

To get started, select dates through the calendar date picker or drag and select right on the Calendar.

You can select certain days of the week, like the weekend for example, by unselecting days of the week you would not like to include.

The summary table shows the ADR and total number of nights selected and if any manual overrides or Seasonal Minimum Stays are active for that period.

Calendar Action

To manually set rates, select “Increase by”, “Decrease by”, or “Set price to” and enter the desired value. For example, if you would like to lock rates in 5% below the current predicted prices, select “Decrease price by” and enter “5”.  Once you click “Save changes”, affected dates will turn pink on the Calendar and prices will no longer change with demand.

To read more about Manual Overrides, click here.

Similarly, adjust Minimum Night Stays for those dates by entering the desired Minimum Night Stay in the corresponding section. You can view your updated Minimum Night Stays in the summary table in your Calendar or in the Customize Tab nestled among other Seasonal Minimum Stays you have set.

Note that if Minimum Night Stays are not available for your listing, you will not be able to adjust Minimum Night Stays in your Beyond Pricing Calendar. Learn more about Beyond Pricing and Minimum Night Stays here.

When should I use this?

In an ideal world, we like to limit customizations and let the algorithm work its magic. That said, we recommend using customizations when you’ve identified a specific set of dates that need some love.

And our resident Revenue Managers are just as excited about Calendar Actions as you are! Here are our top two ways to employ Calendar Actions for the most impact on your performance, backed by our experts.

  1. To help fill upcoming gaps. Upcoming gaps in your Calendar can be hard to fill, especially if you have lengthier Minimum Night Stay restrictions for that time range. We love being able to easily adjust rates down and remove Minimum Night Stay restrictions in these scenarios.
  2. To create Minimum Night Stay settings by day of week. Many of you want to set different Minimum Night Stays for weekends versus weekdays. You can now easily do this on your Calendar!

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@beyondpricing.com with any questions.