Having trouble keeping track of all your listings in your Dashboard? Want to know the last time you updated your Base Price for a particular listing? Getting distracted looking at the pictures of your properties and start daydreaming about your next vacation? Introducing our alternate Dashboard view!

Both views show the name, location and number of bedrooms for your listing, your Health Score, Booking Percentages and allow you to sync prices.

So, what are the differences?

The traditional Dashboard view:

  • highlights whether the listing is on Airbnb or HomeAway
  • includes the main image for your listing

The new Dashboard view:

  • shows your Base Price update history (hover your mouse over the clock icon below your Base Price)
  • allows you to update your Base Price without clicking into a listing (click on the pencil next to your current Base Price, type in your updated price, and hit enter)


You can also now sort your listings quickly and easily by Health Score, alphabetical Listing Title, Market and Number of Bedrooms.


Both views give you access to some great information, now you can use what works best for you! If you are new to Beyond Pricing and are unfamiliar with the Ideal Booking Percentages then we recommend using the traditional view.

For more information on how to use new features please reach out to our friendly and helpful customer success team at support@beyondpricing.com