With Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) coming to a close in San Francisco this week and Google hosting their own developer conference, Google I/O, last week, we thought it would be interesting to measure their influence in another way: their impact on Airbnbs and hotels. And the winner? Apple. And it’s not even close.

Google’s conference, with 6,000 developers attending, barely put a dent in the number of available Airbnbs in SoMa, the neighborhood around the Moscone Conference Center. Apple’s, which claims around the same number of attendees, booked up Airbnbs in much greater numbers, with only a few dozen overpriced places available.

Google developers looking to grab a hotel last minute had plenty of options. Hotel prices were actually below the average rate for any given night in San Francisco. Apple developers, however, were faced with 40+% higher rates, with many choosing more reasonably priced Airbnbs instead.

Not only is Apple worth twice as much as Google and its users generate 4x as much revenue but its WWDC conference handedly beat Google's I/O by the most important metric for Beyond Pricing hosts: impact on Airbnb prices and availability.

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