We are thrilled to once again head to Tel Aviv September 16th - 18th to take part in this year's GuestyVal.

At Beyond Pricing we proudly partner with Guesty year round to provide integrated dynamic pricing solutions for our mutual customers. We collaborate on many events throughout the year and we love meeting with our mutual clients often to gain invaluable insights into the product from a user's perspective.

But back to GuestyVal specifically. It's THE place for all Guesty users to meet, and it affords us the opportunity to connect with them and learn about how they are using Guesty and Beyond Pricing. Guesty is used by property managers all across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the United States and one of our favorite elements of the conference is that it provides an opportunity for everyone to get together in Tel Aviv.

GuestyVal is more than just another conference - the city, the venue and the atmosphere all combine to create the perfect environment for learning and having fun.

Speaking of learning, that's another thing that we love about GuestyVal, the broad range of topics covered. From using technology to transform your listing, to how to create the type of listing people stay at just to Instagram, to "How to get that money, honey" using dynamic pricing, there's a little bit of something for everyone.

Last but not least, we really appreciate that the final day of the conference has us out exploring the city and surrounds. This not only gives us the opportunity to learn more about the area, but also connect with Guesty users and other sponsors in a completely different environment.

As data nerds we love to check out the stats for a city before we head there. We are traveling to Tel Aviv during low season, and in fact, September 16th was the date with the lowest occupancy last year! Tel Aviv has an annual average occupancy of 57% and trends like most urban markets with weekend fluctuations and noticeable increases in demand for national holidays. In the graph below we highlight some of the largest drivers of demand including New Year's Eve, Passover and Pride.

Regardless of whether you are an existing customer or just interested in learning more about our dynamic pricing solution, please stop by the Beyond Pricing booth and say hi!