We are excited to share a recent update regarding our HomeAway/VRBO integration! Due to the consolidation of HomeAway and VRBO, we made an update to our integration, which will allow us to continue to push our suggested prices to your VRBO listings.

If you have any VRBO listings and have not yet updated your account connection in Beyond Pricing, please do so as soon as possible in order to avoid further interruption to your service.

How do I update my connection?

It's easy! Simply follow these steps:

  1. Click this link: “Link My VRBO Account
  2. Enter your VRBO username and password — if you’re prompted for Two Factor Authentication, enter the code you receive into Beyond Pricing.

That’s it! The arrows on the screen will spin, and during this time we'll be migrating your data and settings to our shiny new VRBO integration 💫 In Card view, you'll notice the HomeAway logo has switched to the VRBO logo for your listings - this means you've successfully migrated.

My HomeAway/VRBO connection is showing as valid in Beyond Pricing - do I need to make the update?

Yes, you do! Although your current connection may display as valid, HomeAway announced that they were discontinuing  support for their API on August 19, 2020, which is why you need to update your account.

What if I don't update my connection?

The original HomeAway connection is no longer supported and you must update your connection to the new VRBO integration. There’s no time like the present to make the switch and ensure there are no further interruptions to your Beyond Pricing service!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us at support@beyondpricing.com.

Go Beyond,

The Beyond Pricing Team