Superhosts are the crown jewel of Airbnb hosts, and attaining the status is within your reach. Follow these steps to maximize your chances of earning this esteemed host status.

1. Meet Airbnb’s minimum Superhost requirements.

Without meeting the minimums set forth by Airbnb, attaining Superhost status is impossible. That said, the requirements are more than reachable and most experience hosts already check off the requirements.

Here are the minimum requirements for Superhost status laid out by Airbnb:

  1. Hosted at least 10 trips
  2. Maintained a 90% response rate or higher
  3. Received a 5-star review at least 80% of the time you’ve been reviewed, as long as at least half of the guests who stayed with you left a review
  4. Completed each of your confirmed reservations without cancelling

2. Response rates are crucial.

You may be an Airbnb host as a part-time entrepreneurial endeavor, but that doesn’t mean you can slack off when it comes to response times, especially if you are seeking Superhost status. That said, response rates also play into the surfacing of your unit on the Airbnb ecosystem so the time investment in your responses is well worth it!

3. Keep those reviews positive!

Trust is at the core of the Airbnb community, and the primary police force of that trust is reviews. There is no secret solution to guaranteeing perfect 5 star reviews for every guest you have, but it is important to pay attention to categories you might not be scoring well in. Reassess negative reviews you’ve seen in the past and try to identify exactly why you may not be receiving perfect scores in. Airbnb recently released a new feature that helps surface these areas of improvement so just keep an eye out for new reviews coming in and make adjustments where necessary!

Why do I want Superhost status anyway?

Besides the inherent gleeful joy of earning a “rare” reward, Superhost status does have its perks for hosts. The street red of having this status will help in attracting guests and therefore maximizing occupancy, but there are other perks as well:

  1. $100 travel coupon (if you maintain Superhost status for a full calendar year)
  2. Priority support with Airbnb customer support
  3. Invitations from Airbnb to exclusive events in your area

The perks that come with Superhost status are great, but we know most hosts focus on one major category when it comes to their Airbnb hosting: revenue.

Superhost status can help with that too because your unit will appear more often in Airbnb’s search and guests are statistically more attracted to Superhosts because of the additional trust associated with that status.

As you strive to attain Superhost status, you should also consider pricing your unit dynamically to ensure you are maximizing both occupancy and revenue from your Airbnb. Beyond Pricing can help you with this by automatically pushing price recommendations to your Airbnb calendar on a daily basis.