Beyond Pricing takes a look at 2014 Airbnb occupancy in Amsterdam to help hosts understand how to price their Airbnb in Holland’s capital city.

Fluffy pancakes smothered with blueberries and cream, quiet strolls through Vondelpark’s vibrant flower patches, and the fiery energy born from the sea of orange that overtakes the Netherland’s capital on King’s Day depict the most beautiful Amsterdam experience. Tourists flock to Amsterdam to embark on the Heineken tour, view Van Gogh’s magical artwork, or even take a mischievous jaunt into the infamous Red Light District. With 8.5 million annual visitors, the nearly 10,000 Airbnb listings in this city help create that cozy, fairy tale lifestyle that the citizens of Amsterdam experience everyday.

High Season: April-August, November
Low Season: December-January, September-October
Major Events: Holland Festival, Amsterdam Gay Pride, King's Day, Jordaan Festival, New Year's Eve, Liberation Day

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