We're pleased to welcome Mila and Pete to the Beyond Pricing Team. Mila joins our Engineering Team and Pete comes in to lead our Sales Development Team.


Mila came to the United States from Russia in 2006. She is an avid bridge player and enjoys competing at National Bridge Tournaments. While living in Manhattan, she created curriculum to teach children and adults how to play contract bridge and used it to teach the game at a charter school and youth bridge club.

A few years ago, Mila decided to become a software engineer and attended programming bootcamp in San Francisco. She enjoys writing code for web applications, dabbling with DIY home automation, Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Prior to joining Beyond Pricing she was on the Avionics Team at rLoop, an engineering team made up of volunteers that competed in the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition.

On why she joined Beyond Pricing:

"The Beyond Pricing engineering team is culturally very diverse and everyone has something unique to share. I'm excited to work with (Co-Founder and CTO) David, his views on entrepreneurship and coding are refreshing and it's invigorating to be involved in a project where I can see progress daily. I'm honored to be part of such innovative, skillful and hard working group of people working towards a common goal."


Pete spent a decade in the transportation industry, and more specifically in car share, car share tech, bike share, and micro-transit at Chariot. After building and scaling sales teams in transportation, he was ready for a new endeavor in a new industry. He enjoys developing focused, motivated teams to drive revenue and build something greater than any one contributor. He joins Beyond Pricing as our first Director of Sales Development.

On why he joined Beyond Pricing:

"After meeting with the team and doing a bit of research, I found Beyond Pricing has vital set of characteristics that make a great startup. Specifically, those characteristics include: people, product, market, and competition. That said, the intangible characteristics are what truly drew me to join the team. The people are bright, passionate and driven to build a great company. After only a couple weeks with the company, I'm even more excited about the potential and future of Beyond Pricing."

We are always looking for talented people to join our team! Find out more about working with us at Beyond Pricing.