Feature Spotlight: Insights

We feel your pain -- we know how time consuming and difficult it is to get a sense of how your portfolio is performing and try to spot trends before they fully emerge. Especially when you have (what seems like) a million other things to do.

That’s why we developed Insights, a tool for you to easily track portfolio performance, drill down on specific groups of listings, and ultimately troubleshoot and refine your revenue management strategy. And it’s at your fingertips every day, for free, right in Beyond Pricing. Take me to Insights!

A little background from Beyond: Our team of experts has spent years analyzing and refining pricing across hundreds of vacation rental markets, and we’ve learned a lot about which trends to look for and what to do with that information. We created Insights specifically to go beyond benchmarking -- to illuminate actionable insights that are most critical to making improvements in pricing or overall strategy.

Our team loves Insights, and we know you will too. Check out what Ryan Saylor, Revenue Manager at Beyond Pricing, has to say:

“PACING. OMG. The day we surfaced pace data in Insights was the happiest day of my life. I’m not kidding.”

Dive into Insights and check it out today!

Release Notes

🏃🏽‍♀️ New Feature: Bulk Actions

  • At Beyond Pricing, our goal is to enable you to effectively manage pricing for your entire portfolio. In general, we recommend reviewing your listings’ key metrics in your Dashboard and using this data to adjust your Base Price or Minimum Price. But sometimes it's best to make changes to a group of listings at once. That’s where Bulk Actions comes in.
  • Get started by navigating to Dashboard - Table view and using the checkboxes to select the listings for which you would like to adjust settings. Use filters as needed to hone in on your desired set of listings. Click “Edit” in the top right hand corner to invoke Bulk Actions. You know the drill from here!
  • For more information, check out our walkthrough What are Bulk Actions and how do I use them?

🏠 New Feature: Guided new listing set up

  • Setting up a new listing isn’t always easy. Whether you’re connecting your account for the first time or growing your existing portfolio, we’re here to help! This feature flags new listings and guides you through the process to set the Base Price, Minimum Price, and Minimum Stays -- everything you need to do before syncing pricing.
  • ⭐️ Pro Beyonder Tip: Use the “Import Details” feature to copy settings from an existing listing to your new listing.
  • For a walk through, check out our article How do I set up a new listing in Beyond Pricing?

🔑 New Feature: Team Permissions

That's it for May! As always, please reach out to us with any questions or feedback at support@beyondpricing.com. We're excited to hear from you.