🔎 Feature Spotlight - Insights

In mid-October we proudly introduced Beyond Pricing's Insights — a business intelligence tool that seamlessly integrates your portfolio performance and market analysis. And it's free for a limited time!

What can I do in Insights? Insights surfaces the key portfolio and market trends you need to gain a competitive edge. In just a few clicks, you can:

⭐ Understand performance & pacing with Revenue, Occupancy, ADR charts

⭐ Benchmark your listing and portfolio performance to the market

⭐ Drill down by bedroom size, location, saved groups, booking date

⭐ Surface listing level metrics & take action on worst performing properties

🚀 and more... check out our blog for an in-depth look

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October 2020 Feature Highlights

🖇️ Edit Customizations, Core Settings with Bulk Actions

  • With Bulk Actions, you can update all listing settings and customizations, including Minimum Prices, Manual Overrides, Minimum Stays and more, for multiple listings at once
  • Using the Import Details feature, you can copy settings from one listing across a group of listings, or your entire portfolio
  • For more information, check out our walkthrough: What are Bulk Actions, and how do I use them?

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