We are excited to head to Las Vegas for RezFest 2019 to be held September 24th - 27th at the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa. Will we see you there?

As a Gold Sponsor we are looking forward to the opportunity to "learn, laugh, and let loose" with property managers and partners alike.

Members of our Revenue Management, Customer Success and Sales Teams will be on hand to discuss dynamic pricing and how it can work for you and your business.

Don't forget to check out Beyond Pricing Co-Founder and CEO Ian McHenry's talk on "Holistic Revenue Management: How to Go Beyond Just Pricing". When it comes to optimizing ADR, occupancy, and RevPAN, strategies beyond pricing can help you make more revenue. Learn how distribution, website conversion, email marketing, and more can work together with dynamic pricing to maximize your revenue.

As data nerds we love to check out the stats for a city before we head there. Las Vegas is a popular party destination, so it's no surprise that we see noticeable increases in demands for weekends. Having said that, it's also a conference destination, and traditionally the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been the highest driver of occupancy for the year. In 2019, occupancy during that event reached 79%. But it hasn't been the biggest driver of demand this year. That title belongs to the Electronic Daisy Carnival (EDC), coming in slightly above at 81%.

At Beyond Pricing we support daily price syncing into a number of Property Management Systems based on real-time supply and demand changes in your market. Find out why so many property managers around the world trust Beyond Pricing by scheduling a demo with our team at the conference.

We offer:

  • Easy-to-use calendar to quickly make edits to rates
  • 12 months of data-driven price recommendations, synced daily
  • Localized market-data and nearby competition to keep you informed
  • And much more!

Regardless of whether you are an existing customer or just interested in learning more about our dynamic pricing solution, please stop by the Beyond Pricing booth and say hi!