With Beyond Pricing’s integration into CiiRUS, you can easily sync all of your Beyond Pricing nightly rates automatically to your CiiRUS calendar. From here, your prices will be synced to your direct booking website as well as all your listing channels that you have connected to CiiRUS.

Here’s how to get started!

1. Contact CiiRUS support

Contact CiiRUS support (http://support.ciirus.com/anonymous_requests/new or via e-mail at: support@ciirus.zendesk.com). Tell them you would like to add Beyond Pricing as an agent. Our agent ID is 38022. The agent name on the account is our CEO, Ian McHenry.

2. Configure Properties

Once CiiRUS support has notified you that Beyond Pricing has been added, go to CiiRUS and Channels->SuperSites. Go to the “Configure properties for your agents” tab. Select Beyond Pricing.

3. Click Add Property and add all of your properties you’d like us to help price.

4. Once the properties have been added, click the Enable box for the properties you’d like to try Beyond Pricing with.

5. Once they’ve done that, email kam@beyondpricing.com and give him your Company ID (the number on the top of your CiiRUS dashboard). We’ll set up your Beyond Pricing account and it will automatically pull in all of your listings.

Start Pricing Today

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