With Beyond Pricing’s integration into Streamline, you can easily sync all of your Beyond Pricing nightly rates automatically to your Streamline system using their new “yielded rates” functionality. From here, your prices will be synced to your direct booking website as well as all your listing channels that you have connected to Streamline.

Here’s how to get started!

  1. Contact a Beyond Pricing salesperson or support@beyondpricing.com and let them know that you want to connect your Streamline account. We’ll email Streamline support on your behalf and they’ll give us your “token key” and “token secret” to allow us to pull all of your listing information in to Beyond Pricing.

  2. Streamline will automatically have your account manager setup your Y-STD Rate Type and confirm with us that “the internal variabled called "YIELD RATES" is enabled and confirm that the internal variable called "StreamYIELD: Enable StreamYIELD" is NOT enabled". This will allow us to push prices to your Y-STD rate set.

  3. Once we received those tokens, we’ll connect your Beyond Pricing account with Streamline.

  1. That’s it! We’ll help make sure all of your prices look good and then you’ll be able to sync prices for all the listings you’d like.