With Beyond Pricing’s integration into V12, you can easily sync all of your Beyond Pricing nightly rates automatically to your V12 calendar. From here, your prices will be synced to your direct booking website as well as all your listing channels that you have connected to V12.

Here’s how to get started!

On ISILink:

If you wanted to let us start pulling in the data (this won't push prices, so don't worry) so you can preview our recommendations all in one place, you can go to your ISILink dashboard and go to the Marketing Partner section and enable us.

Here's a screenshot of where to do that:

On Beyond Pricing:

  1. If you haven’t already, create a Beyond Pricing account:


  1. Once you've done the above steps, email kam@beyondpricing.com to make sure your account is connected and we will follow up with next steps to start syncing prices.