The future of how we market, distribute, and of course price vacation rentals is about to get a lot more integrated. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve raised $42.5m in capital to help us go beyond pricing and launch new products and partnerships to help our customers make more revenue. From marketing to distribution to website optimization, there are more levers than just price that you can pull to drive more demand and more revenue.

We now work with over 4,000 customers who manage 150,000 properties in more than 7,000 cities and have priced over $2 billion in bookings. Everyone from individual owners to property managers with thousands of properties trust Beyond Pricing to help them make more money.

While a hotel has hundreds of rooms that are all similar in a single building owned by a single investor or company, vacation rentals are each unique in size, location, charm, and amenities. They are owned by individuals, either as investment properties or second homes, often in their family for generations.

When we started six years ago, there was no software to help vacation rentals do what hotels and airlines have done for decades. Hotels and airlines have expensive tooling and a team of analysts to help them figure out how to price. They can afford it because they control hundreds of millions of dollars of bookings. The average vacation rental property manager is much smaller; very few have the resources to make that level of investment.

We started Beyond Pricing to help an industry that is still predominantly local, independent businesses that love where they live and what they do. We wanted to arm them with the same sophistication so they could compete against the new, well-capitalized entrants into their markets attempting to overtake them and steal their owners.

We’re excited to be able to execute on that vision of providing a truly holistic approach to how we help our customers make more revenue. If you’re excited about achieving these goals with us, we’re hiring!

Thank you!

Ian, David, and the entire Beyond Pricing Team