At Beyond Pricing, we love optimizing, so we’ll optimize for time with a tldr; my long-time partner and Beyond Pricing cofounder David Kelso will be taking over as CEO, leading our incredible team through the company’s next big phase of product-centric growth.

We’ve gone through many stages over the last six years. In our early years, our focus was building a great product that solved a meaningful problem for vacation rental managers and owners. Our skill sets were well-suited for this unique stage of the company. Between David’s fantastic product vision and technical expertise, and my experience with dynamic pricing in airlines and hotels, we built an elegant, simple product that people loved.

The last three years were about growth and getting as much of the industry using Beyond Pricing as possible. We did that in spades and have become one of the largest vacation rental software companies in the world, with billions of dollars of bookings priced, hundreds of thousands of listings connected, and an incredibly strong financial footing to take Beyond Pricing to the next-level.

Product vision and execution will be the focus for the next phase, and there is no one I trust more to lead that stage of the company than David. He is the heart and soul of Beyond Pricing, and as I’ve spent more time with my growing family in Santa Cruz, he’s become the day-to-day leader in the office, shaping our fantastic culture.

I'll be stepping back into a board and advisory role, helping David and the entire team from a more strategic level. They’ll also be supported by our growing leadership team across sales, marketing, customer success, and operations.

The best days are still ahead for Beyond and I can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring!