We are excited to announce more new additions to the Beyond Pricing family. Aaron joins us as our first European-based Revenue Analyst in Barcelona and Kevin as Head of Implementation based in San Francisco.


Aaron found his passion for the travel industry at an early age, and it led him to pursue study focused on the ultimate travel experience - aeronautical engineering.

He has lived in four countries and visited more than 20 throughout Europe, America, and the Middle East. For the last three years he worked for a European airline across a number of different positions until he found one that satisfied both his passion for travel and numbers: The Revenue Department.

On why he chose Beyond Pricing:

When I found Beyond Pricing, I felt a strong connection to the values of the company and what it stands for. In my eyes, Beyond Pricing is a fresh company changing the vacation rental industry as we know it. The idea of making state-of-the-art tools available to everyone is really impressive! Ever since I first learnt about Beyond Pricing I was fascinated by the product and I thought: “I wanna be part of that!" I’m looking forward to working with the team and helping to grow our family in Europe.


A Michigan native, Kevin came to the Bay Area and started his career in the Customer Support industry. He spent many years trying to tackle the problems of good customer support and is excited to be learning all about the vacation rental industry.

While he loves his home state he has come to find a new home on the west coast. He has taken up cooking and you will often find him cooking up a storm or trying one of the many restaurants in the city!

On why he joined Beyond Pricing:

When I first heard about Beyond Pricing I thought the idea was very intriguing. Finding accurate pricing for each property when they all have their own uniqueness is a very interesting problem to be addressed, with a lot of complex variables that are not present in similar industries. I found Beyond Pricing’s approach to this issue to be very thoughtful and focused on making our customers successful. I enjoy working with companies that put their customers first and found Beyond Pricing to be a perfect fit.

We are currently hiring for a number of roles across a number of departments and locations - find out more on our Careers Page!