We are excited to announce more new additions to the Beyond Pricing family! Clair recently joined us as a Customer Support Specialist in San Francisco and Francisco as a Software Engineer in Portugal. Check out our current openings - we're hiring!


Clair is originally from the Midwest and comes to us from Colorado. She spends her free time traveling, cooking, and being active outside. You can also find her exploring her new home, San Francisco, trying to find the best restaurants along the way. Previously, she spent time working in the home services industry and is excited to make the transition to an industry that is focused on something she is passionate about: vacations!

On why she joined Beyond Pricing:

When I first walked into the office I noticed everyone working together as one big team to make Beyond Pricing succeed. Everyone was so excited for the day and about what they were working on, and I knew I had to be a part of it. I love helping people succeed, and I know my Midwestern hospitality will translate to a positive customer experience at Beyond Pricing.


Francisco was raised in Viana do Castelo, located in the north of Portugal. He has spent most of his life living on a farm with his family and he feels a deep connection with the countryside. During his early years he developed a great interest in programming - his first project was writing software for his calculator. Francisco is an easygoing person and really enjoys meeting new people, spending time with cats, drinking beer and playing video games in his free time.

Before joining Beyond Pricing, Francisco worked in the retail sector, developing software for a big fashion retailer in Portugal. He then joined the biggest e-commerce business in Africa, Jumia. It was here that he had the chance to work alongside a professional team to develop software designed to coexist with the infrastructure challenges faced by some countries in the region. He is proud of the work he did to ensure widespread access to goods that otherwise would be very difficult to obtain. More recently, he worked at Talkdesk. Here he enjoyed the opportunity to create a disruptive product that is quickly being adopted by many big companies around the world.

On why he joined Beyond Pricing:

I joined because of the people. The team is diverse, and we are able to learn a lot from one another. Everyone at the company who I’ve spoken with is really knowledgeable and at the same time approachable. Finding a company with these characteristics is really meaningful to me, and I’m really excited to be a part of it. I knew immediately that Beyond Pricing was the place that would give me the support and freedom that I need in a professional environment.