We are delighted to introduce two individuals who have recently joined us at BPHQ in San Francisco. Let's hear it for Sam, our newest Business Development Representative and Jon, our latest member of the Software Engineering team!


Sam grew up and spent the majority of his life in the New Jersey/New York City area. He has always worked in sales and got his start working a series of small jobs. He had a chance to develop and hone his sales skills at his dad’s Big & Tall suit clothing store in Jersey. The store became prominent in the area and was a go-to for celebrities, such as Jay-Z.

From selling tangible products, Sam eventually transitioned to the intangible and found a home with software development agencies and SaaS companies. He has experience working with a wide range of organizations, from startups to enterprise companies selling custom web apps, mobile apps, eCommerce sites and more.

During his down time, Sam is a big music man (he attended the Juilliard Pre-College program in high school) and he writes and performs music using his cello, acoustic guitar (he sings on too!). He also is a runner and enjoys participating in races all over the Bay Area.

On why he joined Beyond Pricing:

When I first encountered Beyond Pricing during my job search, I knew there was something special, “a flare” present in the product and in the company as a whole. After meeting the team in person, this feeling was validated and it made sense to join this very talented, sharp group of people. Beyond Pricing is part of a niche in the SaaS world where the work and the people combine to make you feel like what you are doing day in day out is special. I’m honored to be part of this wonderful team!


Jon is a proud native of Buffalo, NY. He got an early start with computers typing games from programming books, and developing websites for his school. He studied Mathematics and Computer Science at SUNY Buffalo and held a full-time internship at the University IT Department.

After graduating, Jon made his way out to Northern California to backpack the Redwoods. He never left. Instead he studied sculpture, built web applications, volunteered for nature restoration projects and saw as much of beautiful Northern Californian Coast as he could. In 2009, Jon headed to San Francisco where he has worked with startups, growing from small teams to medium size companies.  

Jon is passionate about helping teams find the balance between business constraints and engineering principles. "Ship soon to get feedback" has been a mantra in his professional life. Jon is a life-long learner and teacher, and likes to bring that to teams.

"To make good software, a team needs a culture of fast feedback, customer empathy and enough ownership to do something with it."

He has found a good home at Beyond Pricing:

I was immediately impressed with the team's expertise in their work, their understanding of the customer, and the trust in each other. Likewise, the Engineering Team's core values mirrored my own: reduce scope, iterate, get feedback. We care about the work we do, we're proud of it, and we do it well. That's a team I wanted to be on.

We are always looking for talented people to join us at Beyond Pricing, check out our current openings here.