Our international team keeps on growing! Mark joins us as our first London-based Account Manager and Filipe as a Software Engineer based in our growing Lisbon office.


Mark grew up in the village of Drayton St. Leonard, just outside of Oxford in the southeast of England. Village life was perhaps a little stressful for him, and he found his first grey hair at the age of 18.

Mark made the decision to venture outside of his village and head straight into the workforce rather than attend university. He spent over five years working in digital advertising as an Account Manager, and it was during these years that he discovered his passion for representing a company that strives to build better client relations with its clientele.

In recent years, Mark has done freelance work within a sales function, working with his own clients and bringing a whole new outlook on work. He currently lives in the Big Smoke in North London and is ready to continue his experience as an Account Manager.

Mark’s favorite quote is: “Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.”

On why he chose Beyond Pricing:

Having worked for a few different organisations, I have learnt that an integral part of a successful team is a positive people culture. This is what sets Beyond Pricing apart from the rest. As soon as I had gone through the interview process, I knew this was a team who truly cares about building a unique culture.

I see it as incredibly innovative and trailblazing to be bringing a service such as dynamic pricing to a market that has never seen the likes of it before. Because of this, I couldn’t say anything but YES and join the Beyond Pricing team.


Filipe's passion for programming began when he started coding some small scripts for mIRC at the age of 15. He now has seven years of experience across multiple technology stacks covering a variety of business contexts from retail to travel. He has applied his programming knowledge to problems faced by large corporations, such as Volkswagen, through to smaller startups. Regardless of the industry or size of the company, his main goal is to deliver value to customers and have a positive impact on their daily routines.

On why he chose Beyond Pricing:

I had heard about Beyond Pricing from former colleagues, and the culture they described blew me away. It’s great to feel that you can bring change to a product and really influence its course, and Beyond Pricing really gives you that feeling of empowerment. Also, I was excited by the prospect of a remote job so I could have a much better work-life balance and spend more time with my wife and kids.

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