We are excited to announce more new additions to the Beyond Pricing family. Tucker joins us as a Sales Executive and Sophie joins us as part of our expanding Customer Success Team.


Tucker Carlson (yes, that’s really his name) grew up in a farming family in the small city of Lodi, California. Even at an early age, Tucker had a thriving business re-selling pencils to his closest friends and classmates in the school yard during recess. Since then, he has continued to grow a passion for scaling business and delivering on customer needs.

Throughout five years of tech consulting experience, ranging from capturing prospective leads to leading teams, Tucker is fortunate to have seen a great deal of the good, and minor glimpses of the bad. From experiences in acquisitions and one divestiture, he has developed a deep understanding of what it takes to build and maintain healthy, reputable businesses.

While a country boy at heart, he currently resides in the hustlin’, bustlin’ tech environment that is San Francisco.

On why he chose Beyond Pricing:

It was really important for me to find a company with the sum of its parts directed towards the customer experience.  There are a number of tech companies that scale with the intention of getting acquired. With that, a majority of said companies increase headcount, continue to sign up customers, but almost like clockwork, slowly come to a halt in delivering on true customer needs. Beyond Pricing is unique in that it has founders in Ian and David who truly care. They are naturally curious, incredibly intelligent, and most importantly, believe that the customer comes first! That sentiment has flowed down to the rest of the team, making for an exciting, driven environment for 2019 and Beyond!


Sophie brings experience in analytics and marketing to Beyond Pricing. She enjoys traveling, reading, going to concerts, and spending time with friends and family. She’s loved working with the non profit YCore, which brings together young professionals to work with local non-profits on strategic projects.

On why she is excited about working at Beyond Pricing:

I'm excited to come into work every day surrounded by such a great group of people at an exciting company that’s growing in the US as well as internationally. And I love helping our customers, big and small, succeed with dynamic pricing!

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