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Beyond Pricing Weekly Onboarding

Kam Bain
Thursday, August 18 2016

Welcome to Beyond Pricing’s weekly onboarding session which will cover the basics of using Beyond Pricing and general vacation rental pricing strategy!

VRBO Pricing

Kam Bain
Thursday, August 11 2016

One of the most difficult parts of being a vacation rental owner or property manager is determining what to charge for your vacation rental. In short, pricing your VRBO or Homeaway listing is difficult, but here's 5 tips to help you maximize revenue and occupancy for your listing.

Avoid These 5 Airbnb and Vacation Rental Host Cleaning Mistakes

Tuesday, August 9 2016

The inevitable parts of owning a rental property are the tasks that come before and after guests leave – cleaning, scrubbing, washing, and dusting. For some of us, cleaning is a “trigger” word; for others, it’s not so daunting.

Airbnb Pricing Tips

Kam Bain
Thursday, August 4 2016

Whether you are just starting out on Airbnb, or an experienced Airbnb Superhost, pricing your listing is one of the more difficult aspects of the Airbnb hosting experience.

Customizing Your Beyond Pricing Recommendations

Kam Bain
Saturday, July 30 2016

Beyond Pricing allows its users to customize prices for individual nights. Here's how to customize your prices directly from your Beyond Pricing calendar.

Republicans Don't Stay in Airbnb's - but Democrats Do!

Ian McHenry
Monday, July 18 2016

Thousands of delegates, media, lobbyists and the like are descending on Cleveland and Philadelphia this week and the next. Events like these often lead to skyrocketing hotel prices and delegates seeking more affordable options frequently flee to alternative accommodation sites like Airbnb and VRBO to save a buck.

Week 9 of This Week in Airbnb (and Beyond) with Orbirental and Properly!

Kam Bain
Thursday, June 16 2016

Every week we discuss the top Airbnb, vacation rental, and homestay news with experts from the industry.

Beyond Pricing Integrates Its Industry-Leading Vacation Rental Pricing Software with Orbirental’s Innovative VR Management Platform

Ian McHenry
Tuesday, June 7 2016

Partnership allows seamless, one-click syncing of rates between the two systems.

From 1 to 100

Ian McHenry
Tuesday, May 31 2016

Just over a year ago, we celebrated passing over $1 million in bookings priced by our software. It had taken us almost a year to get from $0 to $1. We created the first ever dynamic pricing software for Airbnbs and vacation rentals when we launched in 2014 in San Francisco.

Vienna Airbnb Occupancy & Pricing

Kam Bain
Thursday, May 5 2016

Beyond Pricing analyzes 2015 Airbnb occupancy in Vienna to illustrate revenue maximizing pricing strategies for Airbnb hosts in Austria's capital city.

Dublin Airbnb Occupancy & Pricing

Kam Bain
Wednesday, April 27 2016

Beyond Pricing analyzes 2015 Airbnb occupancy in Dublin to illustrate revenue maximizing pricing strategies for Airbnb hosts in Ireland's capital city.

Edinburgh Airbnb Occupancy & Pricing

Kam Bain
Tuesday, April 12 2016

Beyond Pricing analyzes 2015 Airbnb occupancy in Edinburgh to illustrate revenue maximizing pricing strategies for Airbnb hosts in Edinburgh.

SuperBowl 50 San Francisco Airbnb Pricing

Kam Bain
Monday, February 1 2016

The Super Bowl is less than one week away and we wanted to update you quickly on what Beyond Pricing's data is showing and what we’ve seen happen in the past in the Airbnb ecosystem during the SuperBowl.

6 Steps to a Writing a Killer Vacation Rental Listing Description

Tuesday, January 26 2016

Captivating headlines and persuasively written property descriptions can spark the imagination, pique guest curiosity, and influence booking decisions. They also help potential guests get to know you. In short, listing descriptions matter. A lot.

Copenhagen Airbnb Occupancy & Pricing

Kam Bain
Saturday, January 2 2016

Beyond Pricing analyzes 2014 Airbnb occupancy in Copenhagen to illustrate revenue maximizing pricing strategies for Airbnb hosts in Copenhagen.

Sydney Airbnb Occupancy & Pricing

Max Schridde
Saturday, January 2 2016

Beyond Pricing analyzes 2015 Airbnb occupancy in Sydney, Australia to illustrate revenue maximizing pricing strategies for Airbnb hosts in Sydney.

Venice Airbnb Occupancy & Pricing

Kam Bain
Saturday, January 2 2016

Beyond Pricing views 2015 Airbnb occupancy in Venice, Italy to bring optimal pricing strategies for Airbnb hosts in this famous northern Italian city.

The New Year's Eve Impact on Airbnb & Vacation Rental Demand

Kam Bain
Tuesday, December 22 2015

It's been another major year of growth for the vacation rental industry as Homeaway was acquired by Expedia in November and Airbnb hitting a valuation of over $25 billion.

How to Price Your Airbnb in Amsterdam

Max Schridde
Tuesday, December 1 2015

Beyond Pricing takes a look at 2014 Airbnb occupancy in Amsterdam to help hosts understand how to price their Airbnb in Holland’s capital city.

Beyond Pricing Launches in Charleston and Orlando

Kam Bain
Monday, November 2 2015

The Beyond Pricing team is excited to announce that we are now live in Charleston and Orlando, just in time for the holiday high-season!

Beyond Pricing Launches in Denver

Kam Bain
Monday, November 2 2015

The Beyond Pricing team is excited to announce that we are now live in Denver!

Beyond Pricing Launches in Osaka and Kyoto!

Kam Bain
Thursday, October 29 2015

The Beyond Pricing team is excited to announce that we are now live in two more cities in Japan, Kyoto and Osaka!

Beyond Pricing Launches in Dublin and Edinburgh!

Kam Bain
Tuesday, October 20 2015

The Beyond Pricing team is excited to announce that we are now live in Ireland and Scotland’s capital cities, Dublin and Edinburgh.

Panama City Beach Vacation Rental Occupancy

Kam Bain
Thursday, October 15 2015

Beyond Pricing looks at Panama City Beach vacation rental occupancy from 2014 to help highlight booking trends throughout the year.

London Airbnb Occupancy

Kam Bain
Tuesday, September 22 2015

Beyond Pricing analyzes the Airbnb occupancy in London from 2014 to exhibit yearly booking trends in England's capital.

Paris Airbnb Occupancy

Kam Bain
Tuesday, September 22 2015

Beyond Pricing looks at Paris Airbnb occupancy from 2014 to help illustrate the best strategy to optimize pricing for Airbnb hosts in Paris.

Our First Year and Beyond

Ian McHenry
Friday, September 18 2015

It’s been slightly over a year since we launched Beyond Pricing as the first data-driven dynamic pricing and revenue management engine for Airbnb hosts and what a ride it’s been.

How To Price Your Airbnb in Sydney Australia

Kam Bain
Wednesday, September 16 2015

We take a look at Sydney Airbnb occupancy from 2014 to help illustrate the best strategy to optimize pricing for Airbnb hosts in the Australian capital.

11 Toughest Cities to Book an Airbnb (and Tips on When to Visit)

Kam Bain
Thursday, August 20 2015

Nearly 10 million people joined the Airbnb platform as guests in 2014. This surge in new users has made booking an Airbnb in many major cities much more competitive.

How Much Should I Charge for my Airbnb Listing?

Kam Bain
Wednesday, August 12 2015

We wanted to give our hosts a basic introduction to the strategies behind competitively pricing their Airbnb listings. Here's an in depth explanation to dynamically pricing your Airbnb!

How Do I Pay Airbnb Host Taxes in the US?

Kam Bain
Wednesday, August 5 2015

Airbnb has empowered thousands to become part-time entrepreneurs renting out their homes or spare room as a source of secondary income. Being an Airbnb host can be extremely profitable, but like any business owner, Airbnb hosts must follow and pay taxes on their new source of income.

What to Charge for your Airbnb Cleaning Fee

Kam Bain
Thursday, July 30 2015

An inevitable task associated with running an Airbnb is the cleaning and turnover of the unit. Airbnb allows you to set your own cleaning fee during the registration process of your listing. Here’s the best strategy to establish and stick to a perfect cleaning fee for your Airbnb unit.

How Do I Become an Airbnb Superhost?

Kam Bain
Wednesday, July 29 2015

Superhosts are the crown jewel of Airbnb hosts, and attaining the status is within your reach. Follow these steps to maximize your chances of earning this esteemed host status.

Marriott or Motel 6? How to Figure Out How Much Your Airbnb is Worth

Kam Bain
Thursday, July 23 2015

We spend a lot of time talking about how to vary your Airbnb prices based on demand and all kinds of factors. When Beyond Pricing launched over a year ago, all the buzz was about a “surge pricing” tool for Airbnb.

4 Vital Tips for New Airbnb Hosts

Kam Bain
Thursday, July 23 2015

So you are new to the Airbnb hosting game and ready to get started on your Airbnb entrepreneurial adventure. There is no secret equation for being a profitable Airbnb host, but these five topics are a must for new hosts on the Airbnb platform.

This Week In Airbnb - And Beyond - Episode 1 - W- Proprly And BookingSync

Kam Bain
Tuesday, July 21 2015

We'll discuss all the top news about homesharing, Airbnb, and vacation rentals from the week with our expert panel. This week, Randy Engler, CEO of Proprly, and Sebastien Grosjean, CEO of BookingSync, join us to weigh-in on the week's headlines.

Ripple Effect - The Unexpected Impact of The Grateful Dead's Final Concert on Airbnb

Ian McHenry
Thursday, June 25 2015

Speculation is a funny thing. On January 16th of this year, the Grateful Dead announced their final concert would take place over 4th of July weekend at Chicago’s Soldier Field. Not only did tickets sell out almost immediately, hotels sold out faster than anytime in history.

Sónar 2015 Brings Music, Creativity, and High Prices to Barcelona

Kam Bain
Wednesday, June 17 2015

Thousands of people from around the world will begin their adventure to Catalonia tomorrow to celebrate music, creativity, and technology at Sónar 2015. Skrillex, The Chemical Brothers, Duran Duran, and other musicians will serenade thousands over the weekend in beautiful Barcelona. Here’s the impact all of those festivalgoers have on Barcelona’s Airbnb market.

When Comparing Google I/O and WWDC, There's One Clear Winner for Airbnb Hosts

Ian McHenry
Monday, June 8 2015

With Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) coming to a close in San Francisco this week and Google hosting their own developer conference, Google I/O, last week, we thought it would be interesting to measure their influence in another way: their impact on Airbnbs and hotels. And the winner? Apple. And it’s not even close.

Steps to Integrate Your Beyond Pricing Rates into Orbirental

Ian McHenry
Tuesday, June 2 2015

With Beyond Pricing’s integration into Orbirental, you can easily sync all of your Beyond Pricing nightly rates automatically to your Orbirental calendar. From here, your prices will be synced to your booking widget as well as all your listing channels if you use Orbirental’s channel management capabilities.

How Supply & Demand for Airbnbs Quadrupled in Chicago

Kam Bain
Monday, June 1 2015

The Chicago Blues Fest is the largest free blues celebration in the world. With the festival coming to Chicago this upcoming weekend, take a look at the supply of Airbnb listings in Chicago, as well as the occupancy of those Airbnbs during this 400,000 plus person event over the last three years.

Berlin Airbnb Occupancy Peaks During UEFA Champions League Final

Kam Bain
Tuesday, May 26 2015

The UEFA Champions League Final is in two weeks. We take a look at the occupancy rates for Airbnb units in Berlin before and during the event, broken down by neighborhood.

How To Use Your Health Score

Kam Bain
Tuesday, May 12 2015

Your Health Score should be used to analyze your listing’s performance at the Base Price you currently have set. Here’s the best strategy to utilize your Health Score to determine whether or not you need to adjust your Base Price.

KCBS Interview

Kam Bain
Monday, April 27 2015

Here's a 5 minute interview on KCBS featuring our founder, Ian McHenry. He touches on the influx of both the demand and supply in the vacation rental marketplace, highlights the value of dynamic pricing for the industry, and explains how events and conferences influence the availability of Airbnb units in major cities around the globe.

Setting the correct Base Price for your Listing

Ian McHenry
Tuesday, April 21 2015

Setting the correct Base Price for your listing is one of the keys to maximizing revenue. Once the right Base Price is set, we can appropriately apply factors that change nightly demand, such as seasonality, day of week, conferences, and more.

Cuba, Airbnb, and the Future of Flexible Accommodation

Ian McHenry
Tuesday, April 7 2015

Airbnb announced last week that it was [launching in Cuba][1] with over 1,000 listings. Beyond being a significant milestone in the normalization of relations with Cuba and a sign of the pent-up demand for travel to this beautiful island, it is also a significant milestone for the accommodation industry.

Dynamic Inventory: How San Diego Benefits From Homesharing

Ian McHenry
Wednesday, February 4 2015

As San Diego grapples with how Airbnb and HomeAway should be regulated, we at Beyond Pricing thought we'd take a look at the impact of short-term and vacation rentals on “America's finest city.”

Why the Super Bowl is Disappointing Airbnb and HomeAway Opportunists Again

Ian McHenry
Thursday, January 29 2015

It looks like the Super Bowl is going to be another huge disappointment for opportunistic Airbnbers and HomeAway homeowners.

The (Statistically Speaking) Most Popular Cities in the World to Celebrate New Year's Eve in an Airbnb

Ian McHenry
Tuesday, December 23 2014

What a year it has been for homesharing! Both Airbnb and HomeAway announced passing 1 million listings in 2014.

As we prepare for the busy holiday season, we decided to take a look at the markets around the world where Beyond Pricing helps hosts price their homes to account for big events like New Year's Eve. Turns out, Boston in the dead of winter is not the place to be. Shocking.

The Moscone Effect: What Dreamforce and Big Conferences Mean for Airbnb

Ian McHenry
Wednesday, October 1 2014

As Oracle OpenWorld clogs the streets in the SoMa neighborhood of San Francisco this week and Uber surge pricing hits 4x, San Franciscans are reminded that it is again that magical time of year: conference season. If you didn’t increase your rates on Airbnb this week, it’s not too late.

Why You Should Rent Out Your Apartment This Festival Season

Morgan Solem
Tuesday, August 26 2014

Seattle is gearing up for Bumbershoot, North America’s largest music and arts festival, which takes place this weekend (August 30 – September 1). The event will bring in over 100,000 attendees and many visitors are looking to Seattle vacation rentals for their home away from home during the festival.

Your Fully Booked Airbnb Calendar is Costing You Money

Morgan Solem
Friday, August 15 2014

It feels pretty good to watch your Airbnb calendar fill up: you have a beautiful place and everyone wants it. The faster you book up, the better you feel. But back-to-back reservations for months on end probably means you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Outside Lands Books Up Airbnb While Hotel Rooms Sit Empty

Morgan Solem
Monday, August 4 2014

Next weekend may be one of the best times for San Francisco residents to get out of town that we’ve seen all year. If you don’t have tickets to Outside Lands, the massive three day music festival, now’s a great time to plan a weekend getaway and list your apartment on Airbnb or HomeAway.

Airbnb Occupancy Rates Catching up with Hotels

Morgan Solem
Friday, July 25 2014

Can you guess the current occupancy rate for Airbnb listings in San Francisco?

We'll give you a hint. The local Airbnb occupancy rate is almost identical to local hotels. In fact, almost 87% of San Francisco's Airbnb listings are currently booked.

How Google I/O impacts Airbnb Availability

Ian McHenry
Tuesday, June 24 2014

As anyone living or working in SoMa or downtown San Francisco knows, conferences at Moscone bring a flood of visitors to town. And, as any conference attendee knows, these events cause hotel prices to shoot through the roof.

How your neighborhood impacts your prices daily

Ian McHenry
Monday, May 26 2014

Your neighborhood has a major impact on your listing. There are two main ways in which your neighborhood impacts your listing.

Winning Last Minute Bookings with Automated Pricing

David Kelso
Sunday, May 25 2014

Adjusting your prices to capture last-minute bookings is one key to effective revenue management.

As a vacant night approaches, the likelihood that the night will book drops. Therefore, its wise to adjust your pricing strategy on those days to try to get 'heads in beds'.

Predicting Peaks in Local Demand

David Kelso
Sunday, May 18 2014

Local Demand changes dramatically, even night to night. In metropolitan areas, a local conference can cause demand to rise 100% in a day.