It’s easy to be overwhelmed when you become a new Airbnb host, so we went right to the experts — Airbnb Superhosts themselves! Yes, some of our team members here at Beyond happen to be Airbnb Superhosts, and they shared their secrets for how new Airbnb hosts can be successful.

You can download an infographic of these tips here!

Here are their 10 easy tips to save time, get more bookings, and make your guests happy:

Professional Photos

To get eyes on your listing, you’ll want to take professional photos of the space. Make sure to accurately display your property to help guests know what to expect. For example, you’ll want to reflect the actual size of the home and the rooms within the homes in your pictures.

Automated Messaging

You can save yourself a lot of time if you use automated messaging through Airbnb. You can schedule messages, like directions for check-in day or reminders for how to dispose of the trash. You can also save quick replies for frequently asked questions.

Technology Matters

Ready to save even more and improve your security? Tech up. Smart technology has made our home lives easier and can do the same for your short-term rental. Use smart locks in order to have distinct codes for each stay (and never have a guest lose their key again). Smart thermostats can be set remotely (avoid freezing pipes or sweltering heat at check-in) and there are even sensors that can detect leaks. Go the extra mile with a smart TV that guests will love.

Flexible Check-In/Check-Out

Sometimes guests’ travel plans go awry and it’s great to be flexible with check-in and check-out. You don’t need to spell out versatility in your listing, but guests will appreciate having an accommodating host when it becomes necessary. Travel can be stressful—guests will remember you fondly if you were able to make their trip a little less so!

House Manual

Provide a house manual that’s easy to find upon arrival. Include everything guests need to know, from house rules to the WiFi password to the location and instructions for the thermostat. This is an absolute must if your property has spotty cell service! It also helps to ensure that all guests know the ins and outs, especially if not everyone was included in the Airbnb booking.

Local Guidebook

A similar best practice to a house manual is to make a local guidebook. This can be shared as a physical copy in the home as well as via Airbnb message. Tell your guests your favorite places to eat, best things to do, most convenient grocery stores, etc. A good experience outside of the home will reflect in your review!

Stock the Staples

After a long day of travel, your guests are probably dying to take a nice shower—don’t leave them without soap and shampoo! Supply the staples like coffee, tea, soap, shampoo and pantry items. This will leave guests feeling refreshed until they can make it to the store.

Cleaning Supplies

You’ll also be rewarded if you stock up on cleaning supplies — guests can’t tidy up without them, and nobody is motivated to buy such items while on vacation. Keep dish soap, countertop spray, paper towels, new sponges, and dishwasher pods on hand, and make sure to point this out in your house manual. Your guests will be more likely to clean up after themselves and will make turnover easier.

Take Home Gift

Give your guests something to take home! They’ll remember finishing touches like a bag of local coffee or fresh flowers. An inexpensive and fun option are postcards featuring your destination!

Ask for a Review

Once your guests check out, give them a day to travel home before reminding them to leave a review. If you’ve done a great job, get the reviews you deserve. Don’t be afraid to ask for a 5-star review — and if they were great guests, give them one in return!

We hope these tips will help you to book your property, get great reviews, and keep happy guests coming back!

Click here to download the infographic of these 10 top tips!

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