With Beyond Pricing's Insights, portfolio and market trends are at your fingertips. Free for a limited time.

Beyond Pricing's Insights is an analytics tool that shows you key information you need to know about your short term rental portfolio performance: Total Revenue, Paid Occupancy, Average Daily Rate (ADR) and more. With a few clicks, you can drill down on groups of listings, compare performance to the market, and surface best and worst performing properties.

And Beyond Pricing customers can make adjustments based on Insights without leaving the tool. No more leveraging two to three different softwares to get you the information you need to take action -- you can do it all in Beyond Pricing.

At Beyond Pricing, we believe in helping short term rental managers succeed, and that includes giving you access to key trends and information in your market. For a limited time, we are offering Insights free of charge to any short term rental owner or manager, even if you are not yet a Beyond Pricing customer. Sign up now to get Insight into your business today.

Development of Insights at a Glance

Our team of experts has spent years analyzing portfolio performance and spotting trends and identifying opportunities to optimize revenue management strategies across hundreds of vacation rental markets. We’ve learned a lot about which trends to look for and what to do with that information.

In a nutshell, we feel your pain. We know how time consuming it is to stitch together multiple sources of data across several tools to try to make sense of it all -- especially when you have a million other things to do. Our team was particularly motivated to find a better way for ourselves and for our customers, and that turned into Insights.

Insights seamlessly integrates portfolio and market analysis into your toolkit with Beyond Pricing. It’s a tool that finally goes beyond benchmarking and shows you actionable insights most critical to making improvements to your listings' performance.

Career revenue managers have embraced Insights and let us in on their excitement. In one leading revenue manager's words:

“As a Revenue Manager, Insights helps me stay on top of daily, weekly, or monthly revenue pickup (especially using the Booked at filter!). Honing in on recent booking stats helps me stay proactive and up-to-date with my revenue management strategy on a regular basis.”

🙋 Sounds pretty cool so far. So what can I do in Insights?

That's a great question. You generally won’t need to look further than the Overview tab, which includes Total Revenue, Paid Occupancy, Average Daily Rate (ADR), and Median Booking Lead Time charts (see chart explanations here) for the information you should be reviewing on a regular basis. Our interactive tools and filters help illuminate the story of how your portfolio is performing without leaving the page.

Dive into Insights and check out our favorite tools for yourself:

Filter and Compare Market to Benchmark Performance

How does your portfolio performance compare to the market*? Are your 4 bedroom listings lagging behind last year’s numbers? Use the same filters you’ve already saved in Beyond Pricing, bedroom size, and more to track performance and benchmark.

*Note that the market comparison feature is in beta, so the data might be slow to load at first.

Discover Best/Worst Performing Listings and Take Action with Lens View

So you see the Total Revenue numbers, but which listings are performing well and which could use some help? Simply drag your mouse over a time range you’re interested in to get the first look into why a certain listing isn’t doing as well as others:


Once you spot a listing that is underperforming, simply click on the title to get to the listing page. There, you can adjust your Base Price or Minimum Price, manually override prices, and more.

🌟 Pro tip: Operating in the daily view can help you choose a specific date range that you’re interested in analyzing.

Visualize Pickup with Booked At Filter

While running Booking Reviews for customers, our Revenue Management team uses the booked at filter (accessible from the side filter bar) to visualize occupancy and revenue gains that were picked up in the last two weeks:


Zoom In/Out with Timeframes

Adjust charts to view data for the Next 12 months, Next 3 months, or Year to date. Adjust granularity by choosing by daily (date or day of week), weekly (starting on Sunday), or monthly.

Switching between viewing by date versus by day of week can help you spot year-over-year trends for events that fall on a specific date versus the general fluctuation of demand by day of week.

Overview Tab -- Chart Definitions:

  • Total Revenue looks at your total revenue aggregated per day across all accepted reservations. If a reservation spans multiple days, we use the ADR from that reservation to represent the revenue achieved per day.
  • Paid Occupancy surfaces the percentage of days occupied, looking at accepted reservations across properties. This does not include calendar blocks, owner stays, or other reservations with $0 rental value.
  • Average Daily Rate (ADR) displays the ADR across reservations for that time period. ADR is calculated by dividing the total rental amount across the number of days of the stay.
  • Median Booking Lead Time by Check-in Date shows the median number of days between booking date and check-in date for accepted reservations.

We’re excited to help you gain a competitive edge in your market with Insights. Sign up for free today and try it out!