“The Only Constant in Life Is Change.”
- Heraclitus

We’re excited to announce that our company is now simply known as Beyond.

This change is just the next milestone on the journey we’ve been on since our founding—a journey that’s driven by the unrelenting dedication to provide the short-term rental industry with the tools they need to get, grow, and keep revenue.

“Our new brand represents our evolution into a multi-solution revenue management platform,” stated Julie Brinkman, CEO of Beyond. “We’re thrilled to be on this path with our customers, and we understand that while the growth in the vacation rental industry is exciting, it presents complex challenges for owners and managers.”

“The entire team at Beyond is focused on providing technology, products, and services that deliver real value for every short-term rental business, large or small.”

Where Beyond Was

We founded Beyond in 2013 because the static pricing model for the short-term rental industry was outdated. There was no data-driven approach or tool on the market specifically designed for short-term rentals. Our dynamic pricing tool revolutionized the way leaders and practitioners in our industry operate.

We quickly discovered, however, that there was a lot more missing in the short-term rental management ecosystem. That’s why we’ve spent the last couple of years building a robust revenue management platform that includes:

  • Dynamic Pricing - automatically adjusts your prices to maximize revenue and occupancy
  • Relay - syncs your listings across different online travel agencies
  • Signal - build and manage your own direct booking website
  • Insights - accurate, real-time data on your portfolio's performance
  • Guidance - deep-dive with our team of experts for one-on-one listing reviews and hands-on pricing optimization
  • Projections - revenue forecasting so you can plan smarter for the future

The new brand and name demonstrates to our customers and the market that we’ve added so much more to the core service the company originally offered. These tools are the foundation on which vacation rental managers and owners can build their dream.

Where Beyond is Going

Today, thousands of property owners and managers rely on Beyond to power their businesses. We support more than 340,000 listings in over 7,500 cities worldwide and have enabled billions in global booking volume. And we’re just getting started.

“Beyond has been our trusted partner for many years, empowering us to be proactive with our rates, rather than reactive,” said Nicki Blankenship, revenue manager at Southern Vacation Rentals. “In fact, we’ve achieved a 15% increase in revenue. As this industry has grown rapidly, Beyond has enabled us to exceed the expectations of our clients. It’s exciting to see this next step in the evolution of such a valuable partner.”

The short-term rental market has experienced significant growth, currently at $100 billion dollars annually and growing. This market has also become increasingly more sophisticated, and the savvy entrepreneurs and leaders in this space demand equally sophisticated tools.

With the change in name and brand, along with providing a multitool revenue management platform, Beyond will continue to be the gold standard and a thought leader in the short-term rental industry.

“We’re really excited about this change,” said Talia Goldberg, partner at Bessemer Venture Partners. “When we evaluated Beyond as an investment, we felt that the company was on the right track. The short-term rental space is thriving right now. Beyond’s focus on creating and innovating valuable tools that are supported by excellent customer service is really setting them apart from the rest of the pack.”

A Bright Future Powered by the Same Promise

A quick note on our new logo. At first glance, you see the light blue price tag—a nod to our origins. When you zoom out, however, the entire logo is a house—a fuller, bigger picture that symbolizes our transformation.

While all of this change is exciting, there’s one thing that will always remain constant at Beyond—our promise to help you build your dream on our platform. We are just as proud of the service we provide as we are of the tools we build. You can continue to count on our dedicated team of professionals to help you leverage our tools to their full potential.

If we’re being honest, we don’t even think of ourselves as a tech company. We consider ourselves a service-driven, customer-centric entity that happens to do technology. We’ve been lucky to forge strong, lasting partnerships with incredible entrepreneurs and leaders in the short-term rental industry space. It’s these relationships that inspire us to go further and push harder. It’s why we do what we do, and we wouldn’t have gotten this far without you.

As for what comes next, we remain committed to the short-term rental industry and will continue to listen to our customers to create and innovate products and services that can best support them. This space is where we were born; it’s where we intend to stay.

We couldn’t be happier about where our journey has brought us, and we can’t wait to see where we go from here.

Thank you for being with us on our journey to Beyond.